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Women's Leadership Programs


At WeInspireWe, we have a heart for women’s leadership and equality in both corporate and personal settings. We know that we’ve come a long way in creating opportunities for women, but we aren’t where we need to be yet.


With 51% of the population being female, and less than 10% of all executive leaders being female, there is still a significant gap in the leadership potential and growth opportunities for strong, powerful, female leaders.


To even out the playing field, we need to focus on empowering women – and we need to focus on removing barriers around them. We are proud to offer support programs to achieve both including:

  • Women’s Leadership Initiative Development – consultation, creation and support of women’s leadership content for groups and companies

  • Women’s Leadership Coaching – a specific focus on breaking down barriers for individual women looking to grow their confidence, establish their voice and build a powerful and dynamic leadership style

  • Breaking Down the Barriers Workshop – a highly interactive and eye-opening day-long workshop that integrates both women and men into an insightful and life-changing discussion that will empower greater leadership, equality and respect in your organization


To learn more about any of these offerings, please reach out to us today.

Thanks! We are so excited to hear from you and will be in touch soon.

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