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Meet Our Team

WeInspireWe is committed to the leadership and career advancement for all individuals looking to grow. We know the importance of having a support system in your corner - and we are pleased to introduce you to the best team for your success. 

Click on each team member below to learn more. 

Meet Our Coaches


We have handpicked this outstanding team of coaches based on their expertise, compassion, and heart for leadership. Each of our coaches are thrilled to support your journey into greatness - challenging you, encouraging you, supporting your goals and actions in an unbiased manner, and offering you personalized accountability along the way. 

Each coach has a unique approach to coaching and a commitment to giving you the coaching you need. 


Ann Ritterspach
The Growth Coach

Julie Breckenfelder

Julie Breckenfelder
The Alignment Coach


Melanie Foote-Davis
The Fulfillment Coach

Emmy beeson.jpg

Nicole Johnson-Scales
The Authenticity Coach

IMG_8192 (1).jpg

Mike Clouse
The Belief Coach


Audrey LaMere
The Confidence Coach

Meet Our Job Search Specialist

When it comes to your job search, your resume is only the beginning. Our Job Search Specialist is a true craftswomen when it comes to career storytelling. From understanding your skills, talents and experiences, to positioning your brand for the job you are seeking, we know what it takes to bring your career to light on paper, on screen, and in the room too. 


Brooke Tichenor
The Career Storyteller

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