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The Alignment Coach:
Julie Breckenfelder

My Experience

From Corporate Burnout to Coaching with Intention: Unlocking Your Authentic Leadership

Nurturing the next generation of leaders, both aspiring and experienced, fuels my soul. Finding your authentic leadership style is more than executive presence, communication, or confidence. It's about unlocking self-awareness, mindfulness, and alignment that transcends work and impacts life.

During my coaching tenure across various industries, organizations, and individuals, a common theme has emerged. Clients show up to coaching feeling like imposters, lacking confidence and energy, or unable to achieve true success in their own eyes. Despite exceeding expectations and challenging the status quo, they sense something's missing. They yearn for:

  • Purpose and impact: Leaving a mark on the world that matters.

  • Vocal strength and leadership: Sharing their voice and commanding a room.

  • Aligned goals: Blending career aspirations with personal values and vision.

  • Clarity and direction: Understanding the bigger picture and charting a path forward.

  • Resilience: Managing stress, overcoming overwhelm, and avoiding burnout.

  • Balance: Embracing a fulfilling work-life harmony.


Julie Breckenfelder

The Alignment Coach


​Often, clients realize they've been following someone else's agenda rather than truly carving their own path. My role? To provide the language and tools (like Energy Leadership, CliftonStrengths and Positive Intelligence®) to understand their blocks and create a new, empowered path.

But why trust me? Because I was my ideal client.

A high-achieving, well-liked leader with an impressive resume, I was utterly unsatisfied and burned out. For 15 years, I honed my empathy in B2B marketing, understanding hidden messages and navigating strong personalities. This expertise translates seamlessly to coaching, offering unique perspectives into intrinsic and extrinsic motivators.

My journey, combined with my credentials and experience, shapes my strategic, insightful, and resource-rich coaching style. You benefit from my business acumen, communication skills, and understanding of personal and professional messages.

I've walked the path, broken through limiting beliefs, and found authentic success. It's a process and it works!

Julie Breckenfelder

The Alignment Coach

About Julie

  • MBA - Loyola University Chicago

  • 17+ years of coaching and leadership experience

  • Expertise:​

    • Aligned Work/Life Integration

    • Stress Management & Burnout Prevention

    • Executive Presence & Mindfulness

    • Career Goals & Personal Values Alignment

  • Certifications:

    • PCC (ICF) & CPC (iPEC)

    • Master Energy Leadership Practitioner (iPEC)

    • Mental Fitness Coach (Positive Intelligence®)

    • Foundations Certified (PowerUp Your Strengths)

    • Elements of Wellbeing Certified (WOHASU)

Client Testimonials

“Julie is a source of sanity, clarity, and wisdom, and she constantly guides and challenges you to think about what is most important in life and provides you with the tools and techniques to help you understand your unique truth.”

Senior Director, Global Healthcare Innovation Company 

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