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Free Guidebook: Create Lasting Change
How to Press Pause & Why it Matters


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When we decide  (not try) to slow down and open space, we give ourselves the gift, the permission, and the opportunity to notice and observe our patterns. 

And that's where lasting change begins. 

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Create Lasting Change

What's Inside?

Breathing and meditation exercises.

Journal prompts that allow you to analyze your thoughts, feeling, and actions.


Learn how to press pause and expand your awareness around the change you are craving.

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Hi Friend!

Hi! I'm Julie Breckenfelder, The Alignment Coach at WeInspireWe. 


I am a certified professional coach with a heart for guiding and empowering leaders to rewrite their stories through an alignment-based lens. By bringing focus to your unique leadership style and energy, my clients are able to break through invisible barriers to create a meaningful and intentional path forward.


Beyond executive presence and confidence, my clients – both emerging and seasoned leaders – gain deep self-awareness, mindfulness, and confidence in their work and their personal life, leading to deeper fulfillment and joy.


I can’t wait to share these journal prompts and visualization exercises with you because I know, from experience, that they will make it easier to find the change in your life you are craving. 

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