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Leadership Development Solutions for Organizations

reDEFYne your organization's leadership with our bespoke solutions. From executive coaching to team workshops and leadership development programs, we empower your team to lead with confidence and purpose. 


Your leaders are the key to your success. By reDEFYning their pathway to grow, you enhance the employee experience, improve retention rates, optimize performance, and the overall growth of your entire organization.


Invest in success – unleash the full potential of your team.

Our Solutions for Organizations

  • Executive & Management Coaching

  • Performance Coaching 

  • Leadership Development Programming 

  • Group Training and Coaching

  • Employee Engagement & Journey Mapping

  • Mentorship Development Programs

  • Inspirational Keynote Presentations

  • Employee Wellness Support

  • Outplacement Services

Transform Your Organization with Tailored Leadership Development

reDEFYning Leadership Development

WeInspireWe is dedicated to reDEFYning leadership development with tailored programs that meet your unique needs. Discover how our customized, authentic approach can transform your organization.

Why One-Size-Fits-All Strategies Fail
Generic leadership strategies don’t cut it in today’s dynamic business environment. Every organization is unique, and WeInspireWe understands that customized approaches are essential for maximizing results.

Adapting to Change

The business world is always evolving, and your strategies must evolve too. WeInspireWe offers flexible, responsive leadership development that adapts to new challenges and opportunities.

Authenticity for Success

Authentic leaders inspire trust, encourage open communication, and build stronger teams. This authenticity leads to a more engaged workforce and greater organizational success.

Employee Engagement Matters
Engaged employees are the key to success. They need to feel valued as individuals, not just part of a workforce. When employees are genuinely engaged, they are more motivated, productive, and committed to the organization’s goals.

People are Your Greatest Asset
Your employees are your most valuable resource. We work with a wide range of industries and roles, from tech startups to manufacturing giants, and from C-suite executives to mid-level managers. Our programs unlock the potential of every individual.

Why the WeInspireWe team?

WeInspireWe is committed to the leadership and career advancement for all individuals looking to grow. We partner with organizations, teams, and individuals to cultivate exceptional leadership skills and drive sustainable change. We know the importance of having a support system in your corner - and we are ready to lead you toward success. 


Tami Chapek

Founder & Head Coach

Melanie Foote-Davis

The Fulfillment Coach

Nicole Johnson-Scales

The Authenticity Coach

Ann Ritterspach

The Growth Coach
Emmy beeson_edited.jpg

Emmy Beeson

The Change Coach

Audrey LaMere

The Confidence Coach
Breckenfelder_lowres copy.jpg

Julie Breckenfelder

The Alignment Coach
Mike Clouse The Belief Coach

Mike Clouse

The Belief Coach

Brooke Tichenor

The Career Storyteller
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