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The Change Coach:
Emmy Beeson

My Experience

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Emmy Beeson

The Change Coach

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  • Strategic change management: Guiding you through transitions with buy-in and empowerment.

  • Enabling personal growth: Supporting your development amidst organizational shifts.

  • Bridging the gap between education and reality: Leveraging my background in career-technical education to offer a unique perspective.


Uncovering a shared vision, building capacity for change, and implementing sustainable strategies – these are the hallmarks of exceptional leadership. Let's embark on this journey together. Whether you seek personal growth or team transformation, I'm here to support you every step of the way.

Ready to lead authentically and create needed change around you? Let's connect.

From CEO to Change Catalyst: Guiding Your Path to Authentic Leadership

Leading executives through turbulent times wasn't just a career, it was a calling forged in my 20+ years of education experience. As CEO/Superintendent of both a K-12 and Career Technical Planning District, I felt the pressure firsthand – balancing multi-million dollar budgets, employee needs, and community expectations while staying true to myself.


But there was a disconnect. Authenticity felt elusive in a "not-very-authentic" world. So, I dove deeper into transformational leadership and change management, realizing the power of shared journeys and collaboration.


With newfound clarity and purpose, I left my secure leadership position to share these lessons. Today, I help executives across the country build strong leadership skills that grow their own authenticity while supporting them to help others do the same.

Your journey matters. Who you are and what you want to achieve fuels my passion. From navigating tax campaigns to building strong industry partnerships, my expertise lies in:

  • 20+ years of Executive Leadership Experience

  • K-12 Campus Redesign with New Construction

  • Envisioning and Implementation Consulting

  • Board Certified Coach

About Emmy

Emmy Beeson 

The Change Coach

"Emmy is not your ordinary coach. First, she gets to know who you are as a person and an educator which in my past experiences one of those seems to be not as important, but I did not feel this with Emmy. She truly cares about you and wants to see you reach your goals and expectations individually and as a team. If you are a leader or future leader in education I would recommend having Emmy as a resource to use."

Travis S.

Client Testimonials

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