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The Change Coach:
Emmy Beeson

My Experience

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Emmy Beeson

The Change Coach

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From navigating the challenges of passing tax campaigns, connecting to business and industry for workforce development, along with building effective union and board relationships - my expertise lies in strategically navigating change, enabling buy-in and empowerment, and ensuring personal growth and focus at the same time.  My experiences in career-technical settings bring a unique perspective for a lifelong educator who also “gets the real-world” with ties to STEM industries and beyond.


Understanding how to uncover a shared vision, build capacity for change, implement strategies while increasing the likelihood they will be embraced, and institute positive outcomes that can be sustained over time is a special skill set required of the most adept leaders.  Let’s start this journey together.  Whether you are looking for change in your team or in yourself, know that I am here for you and am ready to support your journey!

My heart for leading executives through times of change stems from over 20 years of educational experience, including more than a decade as the CEO/Superintendent of two school districts, K-12 and a Career Technical Planning District.  As I began to understand my own stressors around trying to lead authentically in a sometimes not-very-authentic world, I came to more fully understand organizational change management, transformational leadership, and the necessity to not go it alone. These experiences mean I understand the significant pressures of running a multimillion-dollar business and balancing the needs of employees, customers and the community all while trying to not only remain true to your core values but also to live them out loud on a daily basis.    With this clarity and passion for helping others, I left my secure leadership position at the top of my field with a new mission to share the lessons learned with those around me.


Today, I work to bring authentic learning and leadership experiences across the country and to bring years of executive leadership perspective in support of your journey.  That’s right, “your journey!”  Who you are and what you want to accomplish in the world is important to me.  

Emmy Beeson 

The Change Coach


  • 20+ years of executive leadership experience

  • K-12 Campus Redesign with New Construction - Read the story of my work

  • Envisioning and Implementation Consulting



  • Board Certified Coach



  • Ohio Association of Secondary School Administrators - Do You Look Like a Leader?

  • Ohio Facilities Construction Commission - Student-Centered Learning Environments

  • Revolution in Education Community - Authentic Learning as Catalyst for School Transformation

  • OHM Advisors - Effective Change Leadership

About Emmy

"Emmy is not your ordinary coach. First, she gets to know who you are as a person and an educator which in my past experiences one of those seems to be not as important, but I did not feel this with Emmy. She truly cares about you and wants to see you reach your goals and expectations individually and as a team. If you are a leader or future leader in education I would recommend having Emmy as a resource to use."

Travis S.

Client Testimonials

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