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The Growth Coach:
Ann Ritterspach

My Experience


Ann Ritterspach

The Growth Coach

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Hiring, developing and promoting talented driven leaders was the absolute joy of my career in “Corporate America”. While leading teams and businesses was rewarding – helping others become more successful was what fueled my ambition and my happiness.


Getting to the next level is not easy. The days of “just doing a good job” and hoping for a promotion are over.  Corporate politics can be rampant and hard to navigate, seemingly small leadership gaps can impact your leadership brand and doing it alone can take a long time.


My experience with an Executive Coach was life changing – both professionally and personally. Connecting with a coach in a safe place to share my insecurities, developing plans that made sense for me/my environment and holding me accountable to honor those plans was a game changer. I vividly remember wishing I could have had a Coach much earlier in my career. I would have avoided so many pitfalls, honed my confidence and executive presence and focused on strategies to successfully accelerate my career trajectory.


My focus as an Executive Coach is to be that catalyst for emerging and established leaders. Because of my vast experiences in business leadership, I have to ability to deeply connect with my clients, where they are and without judgement. My goal is for my clients to feel energized, challenged and supported – while pursuing their career goals and dreams.

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Ann Ritterspach

The Growth Coach

Specific Areas of Expertise:

  • Executive presence; Balance and confidence

  • People leadership and team effectiveness

  • Next level up strategies

  • Corporate politics and organizational agility

  • Career transitions

  • Two career households, work/life happiness



  • Certified Professional Coach, iPEC

  • Master Energy Leadership Practitioner

  • 360 Assessment Certified Facilitator; Center for Creative Leadership

  • Former Executive for Fortune 100 Company (Nationwide Insurance)

About Ann

"Ann provided the one-on-one work necessary to incorporate trust-building and intentional leadership. I'm grateful to have been chosen to participate and look forward to making our community the best it can be for the people we serve."

Brandi C.

Client Testimonials

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