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The Belief Coach:
Mike Clouse

My Experience

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Mike Clouse

The Belief Coach

  • Believe in themselves and their vision.

  • Silence the "noise" of external expectations and limiting beliefs.

  • Carve their unique path to success, defined by them.

For over 13 years, I've seen the magic unfold.

Ready to believe in your own success? Let's connect.

From Lost Grad to Purposeful Coach: Guiding You to Find and Believe in Your Own Success

Imagine graduating with double majors and a minor, all in science, yet feeling lost about your career path. That was me. Stuck in the mold of "big things, grand expectations," I chased success defined by others.


Thirteen years in higher education advising and mentoring others brought me fulfillment, but there was an indescribable void. Then, in 2010, a corporate role opened a new door.


This company pulsed with purpose: empowering individuals to dream bigger, tap into their strengths, and make a difference. It was here I discovered my own path: guiding others to believe in themselves and their own purpose - and living it authentically.

Which is what has brought me here to you today. 

My mission as the Belief Coach is to support leaders and entrepreneurs to:

Mike Clouse

The Belief Coach

  • Certified Coach & Trainer: Coach U, DSWA Coaching School, SightShift

  • Experience: 13 years corporate & private coaching + another 13 years advising, training, & mentoring

  • Fun Facts: Married to an amazing teacher, dad of 2 boys, love sports, dogs, & laughter

About Mike

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