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Training & Development


WeInspireWe is committed to inspiring strong leadership and developing robust career plans through individual career coaching, leadership assessments, individual leadership coaching and group leadership training. This includes customized approaches for all levels of employees from mid-level through to executive leadership including interactive workshops and hands-on learning sessions to ensure that there is a catalyst for sustainable change.


WeInspireWe offers: 

  • Leadership development planning – identification of leadership gaps, goal and action planning to establish strong leadership skills (individual, group or executive)

  • Leadership coaching – build upon individual core skills and develop an action plan around opportunities for enhancement (individual or executive)

  • Leadership voice / personal brand development – identification and application of individual leadership styles (individual, group or executive)

  • Leadership training – series of group exercises and activities to focus on leadership optimization; topics include assessment of ideal leadership, removing barriers to success, emotional intelligence, communication skills, influencing others, productivity, relationships, health and wellness, and time management/balance (group or executive)


With additional topics that include:

  • Knowing What You Want

  • Personal Mission and Business Mission Statement Development

  • Seven Levels of Leadership

  • Leadership Strengths and Gaps

  • Image of Ideal Leader

  • Removing Barriers to Success

  • Know & Share your Gifts

  • Conscious Leadership

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Developing/Maintaining High Energy Relationships

  • Dynamic Communication

  • Productivity

  • Problem Solving

  • Influencing and Inspiring Others

  • Health/Wellness

  • Time Management/Balance

  • Goal Setting and Achievement

  • Motivation in Times of Change

  • Networking

  • Mentorship

  • Career Path Planning and Development

  • Career Search Strategies

Schedule your free strategy session to discuss leadership development for you or your team today!

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