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The Confidence Coach:
Audrey LaMere

My Experience


Audrey LaMere

The Confidence Coach


My desire is for every person to recognize and harness the unique brilliance within themselves. 


My vision is to raise the consciousness of every leader at home, in the community and in the boardroom so they can effectively raise themselves up and those around them too.


My mission is to create a ripple effect that impacts the world - enabling greater connection, joy, purpose and impact globally! 

After spending decades defining my life by the amount of money I made, the things I crossed off my to-do list, and the achievements I accomplished, I found myself constantly exhausted and frankly disappointed. What was it all for?


In a world obsessed with “more”, I was caught in the rat race chasing a version of success I had never even defined on my own. Thankfully, I finally woke up and decided to design the life that I was created for.


Now, I define my success in the ability to make a difference in the lives of others. I strive to help others realize how they were uniquely wired for greatness and support them in designing a life that allows them to do what sets their soul on fire! I support others to overcome the ‘not good enough’ mindset and rise into the exceptional leader that they were always intended to be. 

I have always had an insatiable curiosity about others and their individual greatness and personal stories. By combining my corporate success with my heart for designing lives in the best way possible, I support high achieving women to take their careers to the next level, create the impact they desire both at home and at work, and allow them to reconnect with their passion and purpose. (Don't worry men, I can help you too!)


Audrey LaMere

The Confidence Coach


  • Certified Professional Coach, IPEC and ICF

  • Energy Leadership Index - Master Practitioner



  • Three-time MVP sales winner


  • Almost 20 years of Corporate Experience in Sales and Medical Devices


​Notable Facts

  • Strong leadership capabilities with P&L responsibilities

  • Proud wife and mother, corporate leader, and passionate creator 

About Audrey

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