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Resume and Job Seeking Services:
Brooke Tichenor

My Experience


Brooke Tichenor

Career Storyteller

From Stuck to Soaring: Your Career Storyteller 

Feeling stuck in a career rut, longing for your "next chapter"? I'm Brooke Tichenor, your growth-minded resume writer and career champion. Together, we'll craft a powerful narrative that lands you the job you deserve.

Why choose me?

  • People-first, holistic approach: I don't just write resumes, I understand who you are as a human-being. Through active listening and an open, judgment-free space, I uncover your unique story and value.

  • Collaborative journey: We work together, honing in on your skills, expertise, and achievements most relevant to your dream career.

  • Stand-out "human voice": Your resume won't get lost in the pile. I translate your unique career trajectory into a captivating narrative that grabs attention.

  • Clarity, confidence, empowerment: You'll walk away with a resume you're proud of and the skills to confidently pursue your goals.

My diverse background brings 20+ years of experience across industries and roles:

  • Human Resources & Recruitment

  • Marketing & Communications

  • Project Management

  • Non-Profit Leadership

Ready to soar? I offer specific expertise in:

  • Targeted Resumes & Cover Letters: Crafted to land dream jobs, not just applications.

  • Confident Interview Coaching: Nail your next interview with powerful communication strategies.

  • Strategic Job Search & Networking: Find the hidden opportunities and connect with the right people.

  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization: Showcase your brilliance and attract the right recruiters.


Remember, your dream career is waiting. Take the first step with a resume that reflects your true potential.

Don't settle for "good enough." Let's write your success story. Contact me today!

About Brooke

  • 20+ Years of Cross-Industry Experience

  • University of Illinois Alumni

  • Passionate Advocate for Growth-Minded Professionals

Brooke Tichenor

Career Storyteller

"I strongly recommend working with Brooke. She provided support when I was navigating a major career pivot. She reviewed my resume, helped me to get to know my professional strengths, and prepared me for the interviews. She taught me how to qualify my skills by focusing on examples of my experiences, and I was able to connect my qualifications to the job. She encouraged me every step of the way. After meeting with Brooke, I was prepared, confident, and ready for whatever questions or challenges I faced."


Client Testimonials

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