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The Fulfillment Coach:
Melanie Foote-Davis

My Experience


Melanie Foote-Davis

The Fulfillment Coach

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My Acceptance

Masks are expensive burdens. They cost me my connection with myself, my peace, and my sense of freedom. I was afraid of losing my connection with my daughter, too. I accepted that maintaining and growing my connection to her started with finding my way back to me.


My Activation

I chose to release what I’d been taught about being strong. Because I find value in addressing the root cause instead of treating symptoms, I didn’t just ask for help. I invested in the support I needed. I dared to be curious and play with possibilities I hadn’t considered. I dared to challenge the status quo, and disrupt old stories and beliefs in my way. I reclaimed MY love story.


My Alignment

My love story taught me that I want to help other ambitious leaders to reclaim their love stories too. So, I invested in Coaching Training and started my personal mission to provide a heart-centered sanctuary for healing and acceptance through the Transformative Power of Self-Love.


My Vision

My vision is to create a safer more unified world by helping businesses, communities, and families to remove barriers to authentic connection and meaningful communication; to move from passive conversations to fierce heartfelt conversations by providing wholistic guidance, support, and tools to become empathetic, compassionate leaders, parents, partners, and friends; ultimately cultivating generational healing and acceptance.


Trying to be whom others want you to be is exhausting.

Today I stand in the truth that empathy, compassion, and vulnerability are my special sauce – my superpowers. In fact, I’m affectionately called "The Soul Whisperer" because of those innate gifts.


There’s something incredibly magical that happens when you accept who you are. I offer emotionally safe spaces for strong ambitious leaders to exhale, get grounded and access their power.


My clients learn how to shift the narrative about who they are – rebrand how they’re seen in their personal and professional relationships. They begin to choose from their power, not from their fears. They choose to give without giving themselves away. They feel seen, heard, celebrated, and embraced.


My Assignment

Accept that you’re not here by accident, but by divine assignment. Whether conscious or unconscious, there’s some part of you that is longing for a more fulfilling experience.

You’re here because what your heart is calling for, the life you’re craving, and the solutions you’re seeking are in harmony. This is your synchronized moment.

You are a part of my assignment - and I am a part of yours.


There’s a part of your story that’s longing to be expressed and only you have the power to shift the narrative. Write a new version of your life’s journey from a place of transformative love and powerful acceptance.


My Invitation

If you are ready to step into more of yourself, I’d be honored to guide and support your journey.  I invite you to schedule a call with me. Choose to become the greatest love story you’ve ever told. 

I remember the day a colleague said that I wouldn’t understand what she was going through because my life was perfect. She said that I didn’t have struggles because I had a great circle of support. And she was right, I do have a loving supportive family.  


But, here’s what she didn’t know. Something was shattered within. I was suffering in silence. My family didn’t know that I needed support and I had too much pride to ask for help.


She was deceived by my masks. I had a closet full of them. I began each day clothed in masks and ended my nights with my pillow drenched in tears. I was emotionally bankrupt – trying to give from a depleted place.


My Awareness

I was leading not from my power, but from my need to prove my value, protect my reputation and defend my existence. I was overcompensating to fill a void, over-accommodating to please others, and over-staying in unhealthy personal and professional relationships.


Most importantly, I felt an overwhelming sadness. I felt like I had failed my daughter. I was working so hard to build a life for us, but I wasn’t present for her. My daughter was getting my leftovers. I had to ask myself, doesn’t she deserve more? Don't I deserve more? 

Melanie Foote-Davis

The Fulfillment Coach

My Experience

With over 20 years of experience in leadership, training and team development, I discovered that my desire to live and work in harmony was a driving force in my life and is central to my coaching. Through my attention to detail, ability to resolve conflict, reduce employee turnover and support retention, and build relationships, my clients walk away with a stronger connection to themselves and to the worlds they serve. 



  • Co-Active Training Institute

  • Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching Fundamentals

  • Path of Self-Love



  • Certified Positive Intelligence Coach (CPQC)

  • (ICASA) Illinois Coalition for Sexual Assault


Notable Facts

  • Best Selling Author

  • Former (CASA) Court Appointed Special Advocate for Children in IL

  • Former YWCA Medical Advocate Volunteer for Sexual Assault Survivors / Cook County, IL

  • Married with 4 children and 3 grand-loves

  • Featured on ABC 7 Chicago News, Fox32 Chicago News, WVON 1690 AM, Rejoice 102.3FM Radio and Smooth Jazz 90.5 FM HD

  • Host of "She Chose Joy" Podcast


Fun Facts

  • I skip when I’m happy. I believe it’s impossible to skip and remain angry or sad. It’s a cool hack to shift from melancholy to joy within minutes. If you’re skeptical, I dare you to test my theory.

  • I embrace my corny side and I laugh at my own jokes

About Melanie

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