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Individual and Group
Leadership & Career Coaching


When it comes to establishing your leadership presence or furthering your career, we all need a little support from time to time. Coaching is a great way to overcome obstacles that are in front of us – whether they are external or internal. 

Coaching is an unbiased process of increasing understanding and growth for individuals or groups and hinges on both focus and action. Coaching starts at self awareness and seeking to understanding our thoughts, feelings, and actions; it challenges assumptions, limiting beliefs, knowledge-sets, etc.; it creates goals or a vision for the future; and it develops action plans with support toward sustainable change and achievement. 

Whether it’s figuring out what it is that you really want, how to get that promotion, how to communicate more effectively, how to lead with confidence, creating team culture, – or even more so, how to be the leader you want to be and how to define your leadership style entirely, WeInspireWe is here for you.


Other coaching topics may include:

  • Understanding Your Purpose and Passion

  • Seven Levels of Leadership 

  • Leadership Branding and Optimization

  • Establishing Your Unique Story

  • Removing Barriers to Success 

  • How to Have Difficult Conversations (Giving Feedback)

  • How to Move from Manager to Leader

  • Communication Skills

  • Effective Listening

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Problem Solving

  • Organization, Time Management and Prioritization

  • Corporate and Political Navigation

  • Networking

  • Mentorship

  • Career Path Planning and Development

  • Health and Wellness

  • Interpersonal Relationship Management 

  • Empathy

  • Leading with Vulnerability 


With a series of 1:1 or group sessions, your coach will listen to you, create a safe space for you and/or your peers to express your biggest desires, fears and dreams and will then empower you in taking action to achieve those dreams.


So, when you are ready to take that step forward, let us know. We’re here for you and ready to support a desired and sustainable change in your life.


Schedule your free strategy session today!  

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