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The Ripple of Change

In The Bridge to Leadership, Avery Bang shared with us the idea that a single bridge could have massive impact to hundreds of thousands of lives – the same holds true for a single leader having impact on hundreds of thousands of lives.

That may seem like a far stretched concept when one leader may only technically be in charge of a team of 10 or an office of 200 or a company of 1,000 people. How does that equate to hundreds of thousands of people?

Think of the ripple effect.

One small drop of water cascades out to create small waves and has an impact to the far surrounding parts of the body of water, both on and below the surface. The same applies to leadership and the impact that one leader can have not just on their surrounding team, but to their team’s team, their team’s family, their team’s friends…and so many more.

Kind of blows your mind a little, right?

So, think about how you show up every day. Who are you influencing and in what way? And how are they reacting to or integrating your influence with the people in their life? And how are their people influencing all of the other the people in their life? And so on and so on and so on.

While it could get easy to get caught up in this rabbit hole, let’s choose to focus on the opportunity that it presents.

The opportunity to inspire. The opportunity to motivate and energize. The opportunity to spread happiness and joy. Not just to one person, but hundreds of thousands of others in the world around us.

Let your leadership be the ripple of change.

Thank you, Avery Bang, for the inspiration.

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