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WeInspireWe has Grown

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

WeInspireWe was founded on the belief that everyone is a leader and has the right to lead from exactly where they are – regardless of title, tenure, age, gender or any other qualification.

That vision is now coming to life in more ways than one!

When WeInspireWe was started over four years ago, we had the vision of empowering individuals to #riseup – and inspire not only them, but to create a ripple affect around them to impact the world in a meaningful way. This vision could not be accomplished alone – and today we are thrilled to share with you that SIX coaches have joined the WeInspireWe team to bring this vision to life.

Together, we will be supporting individual clients in taking on their own growth and leadership potential. We will coach groups who want to come together to make a bigger impact in their organization and in the world around them. We will provide education and training on leadership fundamentals. And we will provide inspiration by way of speaking and motivation too. Learn more here.

This dynamic team has come together to flip the world around and enforce the fact that EVERYONE is a leader and EVERYONE has the ability to make a significant, positive and lasting impact in the world around them.

If you’re ready to make a change in your life – or if you just want to learn more about this powerhouse team of coaches, please go to our website. We are ready for you when you are ready for YOU.

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Michele Melhem
Michele Melhem
Oct 04, 2021

wonderful Tami! wishing you and the WeInspireWe plenty of success and fun on your journey!

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