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We are All in This Together

There is one thing for certain, we are all experiencing change.

We explored this idea of Leading Through Change in our last blog post and the idea that in times of change, we have choice – not in the change itself – but in how we show up during change. This topic is so important right now in the COVID-19 era that we are living in, that we also launched an entire Dealing with Change initiative to provide relatable tips, share personal perspectives and stories, and to remind us all that we are ALL in this together.

We are all experiencing change. We are all adjusting, adapting, and growing. We are suffering. We are thriving. We are ALL experiencing this in our own unique way and we are ALL choosing our responses and reactions to these moments.

We were reminded this weekend about the polarizing perspectives to change that exist today. After a quick social media scroll, we observed:

  • Anger and blame towards others for the situation (e.g. the government, etc.)

  • Complete focus on what is lacking and demonstrating strong emotions of sadness or anger

  • Fear and anxiety for the unknown

  • Shifts into high productivity mode as a coping mechanism, demonstrating new accomplishments (e.g. baking, building or organizing)

  • Mind games or jokes to add a sense of levity into a difficult situation

  • Personal stories of everyday life, making the best out of the situation as possible

This polarizing perspective and navigation of change is legitimate. We are all entitled to our own opinions, our own viewpoints and our own ways of dealing with change.

However, when we focus on the negative – when we harbor feelings of anger and resentment, or finger pointing and blame – then we create and foster a catabolic and toxic culture around us. When we choose to live in a place of anger, resentment, depression, anxiety, etc. it is easy to continue to see what is wrong and carry significant pain and emotion within ourselves. This is choice – certainly – but the ramification of that long-term catabolic energy can cause health issues, unnecessary stress on self and others, difficulty in completing work/finding success and more. Not only does it impact the individual, but it has impact on the people around us too. When we spread negative messages, it creates additional negative energy to those who come into contact with it, it potentially harms their emotional well-being and health. While we do have the right to vent and put our emotions and feelings out there, we must understand the impact that it has – period.

The only thing in life that we have control over is ourselves. This is a power that we all have within ourselves. We have choice in who we are and who we want to be. Imagine how different this world would look right now if we all took accountability for our own selves and shifted the negativity around:

  • What if we could shift that negative energy into something more productive and optimistic?

  • What if we could shift the anger and frustration to a common acceptance that while different, we are all experiencing change and disruption in our lives?

  • What if we could change the negativity that pushes us apart – and focus on things to bring us all together?

  • What if we could accept and acknowledge our own emotions and difficulties, but instead of looking at it through a negative focus, and focus on how we can grow from these trying times?

Having negative emotions is not wrong – we are human beings after all – and are designed to feel deeply. It’s what we do with those negative emotions that can truly make the world (and ourselves) better. Remember – we are all in this together and what happens to you, has impact on me and vice versa.

We are all in this together. And WeInspireWe is here for you. Any time. Every time.

Watch our blog post next week for strategies to shifting negativity into acceptance and positivity.

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