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Leadership ReDEFYned: Why We Need to Shred the Rulebook

photo of five books, one shredded

Let's face it – the way we've been approaching leadership development is not working any more.

We've been churning out leaders from the same cookie-cutter mold for far too long, and it's just not cutting it in today's dynamic, complex world.  If you read our last post, you'll get a sense of why this "business as usual" approach just isn't going to cut it anymore and why we are repositioning our services to reDEFYne leadership as a whole.

So here's the hard truth: we need a leadership revolution.  As Frank Zappa wisely said:

'Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.'  

Not a minor tweak, not a fresh coat of paint on the old model – but a full-on, throw-out-the-rulebook kind of revolution.  We need leaders who are bold, who embrace diversity, and who are willing to challenge the status quo.  We need leaders who can inspire not just compliance, but creativity and innovation.

Now, this doesn't mean starting from scratch.  

There's plenty of valuable wisdom in traditional leadership models.  But we can't just keep recycling the same old ideas and expect different results.  We need to break free from the confines of the past and co-create new leadership paradigms for a new era.

But why invest in shaking things up?  The answer is simple: strong leadership is critical for business success.  Here are a few stats to back it up:

  • Leadership development leads to a 25% increase in organizational outcomes, according to a study by Lacerenza et al. (2017).  (Note: organizational outcomes refer to the overall performance and health of a company. This can include things like employee satisfaction, customer retention, profitability, and growth.)  That's a significant jump!  And the impact gets even bigger when you extend leadership training throughout your organization, not just at the top.

  • 83% of businesses say leadership development is important, according to  They recognize the value, but...

  • Only 5% of companies have actually implemented comprehensive training programs.  This is a huge gap, and a massive opportunity for those who are willing to take the leap.

Investing in leadership development isn't just about checking a box – it's about investing in the future of your organization.  It's about empowering your people to thrive,  and that's a recipe for long-term success.

So, how do we get there?  Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Embrace diversity of thought and experience.  Monopolies on ideas are a recipe for status quo and that certainly won't help you, your team, or your organization grow in a meaningful way. We need to cultivate leadership teams that reflect the richness of the world around us, with people from different backgrounds, perspectives, and walks of life.

  • Focus on continuous learning.  The world is constantly changing, and so should our leadership approaches.  Leaders need to be lifelong learners, always on the lookout for new ideas and ways of doing things.

  • Empower, don't dictate.  The old days of the command-and-control leader are over.  Today's leaders need to be empowering coaches who can unleash the potential of their teams.

  • Lead with purpose.  People crave to work for something bigger than themselves.  Leaders need to articulate a clear and inspiring vision that motivates and unites their teams.

This is just the beginning, of course.  

The leadership revolution is a journey, not a destination.  

Neon sign that reads "the journey is on"
Photo Courtesy of Clemens Van Lay on Unsplash

But it's a journey that WeInspireWe is excited to be on with you.  We offer a range of coaching and training programs designed to help you develop the kind of disruptive leadership that the world needs today.

So, are you ready to rewrite the rules? Let's do this!


Tami Chapek, CEO and Founder, WeInspireWe standing outside on a brick sidwalk, hands in pockets, smiling
Tami Chapek, CEO and Founder, WeInspireWe

Tami Chapek is the CEO, Founder and Head Coach at WeInspireWe. Tami believes that you deserve better than you're getting today - and by tapping into your true potential, you can unleash your leadership strength within. She has dedicated her life to bringing these concepts together. By empowering one, we empower many - and she believes that empowerment starts with you.


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