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What Freedom Means

This Memorial Day I find myself sitting in a coffee shop (as it pours outside) taking a moment to reflect on what freedom really means and how freedom has manifested for me both personally and professionally.

Memorial Day is a day designed to honor those who have fought and lost their lives to maintain or create the freedom found in the United States of America. While one can argue that freedom and rights in this country are certainly in flux, we all have so many things to be grateful for thanks to the women and men who have committed the ultimate sacrifice for us all. This day is a great reminder to us of the hard battles that have been fought to make sure that I can actually sit in a coffee shop drinking my almond milk latte with free Wi-Fi listening to a little Cage the Elephant to boot.

So, to those women and men who have lost their lives defending our freedom, and to their families who have been left behind, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this daily freedom that I am honored and humbled to have in my life every day.

And while that type of freedom is probably the most important – I find myself feeling that freedom means so much more to me.

  • As a female, freedom means having choice to do what I want with my body and choice in who I love (or don’t).

  • As a leader, freedom means having the power to maintain authenticity in who I am while still supporting those around me to rise up in their own right.

  • As a business owner, freedom means I have the right to choose my clients and type of work I do – and where I actually do my work (like in California, at home or in a coffee shop for example).

  • As a home owner, freedom means I can change the colors of my walls or even the placement of an actual wall if I want.

  • As a sister, daughter and aunt, freedom means I have the right to make a phone call or visit my family (and leave) whenever I want.

  • As a single person, freedom means I can turn Bumble on or off at any given moment.

  • As a friend, freedom means I can reach out with an SOS or find a partner in crime to check out a new restaurant.

In all of the roles that I play, in all of the relationships I have, in all of the activities I participate in, I have freedom. I have choice. I have rights.

And with any choice certainly comes consequences (which could be a whole other blog post), but I have the right to make those choices.

And as I continue to “grow up” and step into my own power, freedom means more today than it ever has.

I encourage you to explore what freedom means for you today and every day.

  • What freedom do you have and what does that mean for you?

  • What choice would you make if there were no limitations (and are those limitations real or self-imposed)?

  • What would you do differently if you allowed freedom in your life?

Today and all days – you are free to be you. So today and all days – you do you.

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