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Pull Up Your Big Girl Panties

This, hands down, is my favorite phrase ever from Susan Johnson. It has so much chutzpah to it, yet resonates to probably every woman out there. There are times when you have no other choice than to do just that – pull up those big girl panties and get on your way.

When you’ve been put through the ringer. When you’ve been compared to another and have been found lesser. When you’ve been misunderstood. Or not supported. Or overly supported to the point of suffocation. Or received no recognition for the hard work that you’re doing. Or someone stole your idea. Or…

There are just days when you have nothing left in you and you feel like you’re fighting a losing battle…and then it’s time, my friends, to embrace the moment and be the very best (fully covered) you that you can be.

But pulling up your big girl panties is more than just moving on or dealing with that particular moment. It’s really about standing up, leaving the junk behind and moving forward. It’s about being strong and audacious and bold – and going where no man has gone before. To the land of comfort and I don’t give a damn. To take charge and get whatever that needs to be done, done.

So the next time that you’re in this moment of feeling like you can’t take any more, or the world is against you, or barely standing in round 12, pause for a moment and toss those thongs out the window. Get those big girl panties on and take charge!!

Inspired by Susan Johnson

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