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Inspiring Interviews

Leadership cannot really be taught, it can only be learned.  –Harold S. Geneen

As adults, we learn in a variety of ways. Whether it’s visual, audible, written, tactile, interactive or kinesthetic, we all must find our path to learning, developing and bettering ourselves – and our personal leadership styles.

One way that I personally like to learn is to see first hand what good really looks like. To observe, pick up best practices, and ultimately determine which components are worth emulating or mirroring.

And for those of you who are like me, this section is for you: interviews with powerful, inspirational leaders so you can emulate what works best for your style. Every interview here is with a leader that has inspired someone in her (or his – we don’t discriminate here) path. They are all either leaders that have personally inspired me or are connections recommended to me. All connected by one thing – inspiring greatness.

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And if you have a leader that has inspired you and is worthy of being included as a future Inspiring Interview, nominate them today.

Thanks for nominating your Inspiring Leader. We can't wait to meet them and will be in touch soon.

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