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How Coaching Can Save HR Departments Time & Money...

The statistics speak for themselves. Improve employee retention, create additional productivity, and drive performance numbers higher to save your organization the time and money it needs to grow. 


In addition to these larger performance objectives, we are helping YOU, the individual HR professional, with managing burnout, the emotional toll employee turnover takes on the entire team, struggling to backfill positions with a limited budget, and overall improving the employee experience at your company. 

80% of employees aren't engaged 

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This results in $8.1 trillion lost productivity annually!

Only 20% of your team is invested in success and driving performance


What if you could turn that into 40%? Or even 60%?


Workday The Engagement Edge Report 2022

Time – the Only Resource You Can’t Make More of


Your time is valuable.


You never have enough of it.


You are in constant demand.

As a human resources professional, your time is valuable. You are pulled in a million directions, but, at the end of the day, you really just want to make sure that the people at your organization are as successful as they can be. 

Rather than spend your time with one-off approaches like hunting down coaches, leadership development facilitators, or even creating a brand new course curriculum, how much easier would it be for you to have a go-to partner for your leadership development needs? 

HR Professionals

What WeInspireWe can do for you:









WeInspireWe is a woman-owned international Executive Leadership and Career Coaching Firm that offers a unique approach to growth - supporting leaders, regardless of title or tenure, age or gender, or any other type of qualifier. By harnessing inner strengths and tapping into their true potential, leaders are empowered to transcend their current selves to positively impact the world around them.

We believe that everyone is a leader and has the right and the ability to lead – and by understanding our strengths and gifts (and a few simple principles), your leadership can create significant change and make positive impact. We call this Leading from Within™ and are proud to offer this framework to shift leadership standards to empower greater leadership opportunities and outcomes for all. 

Through 1:1 executive leadership and career coaching; group leadership coaching and training sessions; and keynote presentations, we collaborate with our clients to create powerhouse leaders who step into their fullest selves. We believe that by inspiring one, we exponentially inspire many. We have a passion for supporting underrepresented groups such as women, LGBTQ+, and BIPOC to become greater leaders in the workforce and in their own personal lives. We know that optimized leadership works to enable diverse thought and representation, collaboration, innovation, and ultimately results in greater success for companies and individuals involved.

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"As a woman in a male-dominated industry, it's hard to find advisors to navigate my career path in a way that feels smart, but also true to me. With her strong corporate background, Tami has consistently been an insightful partner for me. She has been a smart sounding board for learning how to prioritize myself and not just project success with an eye on navigating steps towards doing the work I want to do in the future. In the time that we've worked together, she’s helped me negotiate a raise, tame difficult projects, rethink my values, skills and offerings, and prioritize making time for myself, no matter how busy work seems. Thanks to these steps, I am finding more satisfaction in the work I do and also feel less beholden to the work I didn't need to do, but wasn't sure how to manage previously."

- Lara L.

“Julie helped me sharpen my existing toolset to empower my next steps forward and had I not worked with her, I’m not sure I’d be where I am today.”


- Sr. Director of Product Marketing & Programs

“I have done many development workshops and was eager to learn more and dig deeper. With Ann's help, I did just that. She is so supportive and insightful. I learned more about myself, helping me to formulate better goals for my professional development to become who I want to be. This experience really did stabilize my emotional regulation, help me communicate more effectively, lead others to evolve their own energies, and ultimately build my confidence and efficacy as a leader."


- Jenni M.

"I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Tami for over a little over a year as we both belong to the Professional Women’s Club of Chicago (PWCC). Recently, she led a program called, “Networking and the Art of Storytelling” for PWCC’s Community Outreach and Education Committee, which I co-chair. I was impressed with Tami’s ability to keep the entire room engaged and interested for the full two hours. Her warm and encouraging style made everyone feel comfortable sharing their work and every participant noted that they received actionable information that would help them in both their professional and personal lives.

Tami would be a true asset to any company or individual looking to learn how to make true connections as opposed to transactional exchanges when working and meeting others. She earns my highest recommendation as a program leader."


- Lisa N.

"I am a better leader and a better human as a result of my one-on-one coaching with Ann Ritterspach. My whole experience was rich. The concept of "Energy Leadership" was challenging and life-giving. The coaching and conversations were informative. I am a clearer, more confident, more courageous, more content leader. I am a better husband and father. I am a better coworker and boss. What a gift to me and those around me. This was worth every penny and every ounce of time and energy. I highly recommend this to any human being, especially to anyone in leadership." -Wes Tillett


- Wes T.

"This coaching experience has truly been essential in my personal and professional growth. With that, Emmy's past educational experience helped springboard rich dialogue and a supportive, safe space to share the successes and challenges in our profession.


Emmy's ability to genuinely listen, ask thought-provoking questions, and offer going-forward suggestions helped me gain clarity in both my professional and personal world and guided me in setting and aligning meaningful goals. Additionally, these sessions pushed me where I needed to go. Emmy consistently challenged me to step out of my comfort zone while offering her unwavering support which allowed for me to push beyond my own doubts. Emmy celebrated my victories, no matter how small, and offered compassionate guidance when challenges were faced.


Thanks to Emmy's invaluable insights and practical tools and resources, it has made our school's administrative teams/committees more harmonious, stronger, and more fulfilling. I am grateful for the influence she has had on me, our team, and our district."

- Jon H.

“Julie takes the time to not only listen, but she will challenge you to really push yourself out of your comfort zone and recognize the meaning behind your fears.”

- Senior VP

"Tami is an inspiring coach and leader. Along with her thoughtful insights, she brings amazing energy and enthusiasm into the room. I had the privilege of working with Tami when she led a group of highly accomplished and motivated women and she really encouraged us to be vulnerable to understand ourselves and to support one another in our goals. While I have participated in similar groups subsequently, my experience with Tami still stands out as the best. More recently, I attended a leadership coaching session hosted by Tami and her tips were simple but so powerful at the same time. I look forward to attending future coaching and training sessions hosted by Tami."


- Chantele P.

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