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The Great Leadership Reset Program

A 5-Week Program:
Solidify your post-pandemic leadership style.
Ann Ritterspach - The Great Leadership Reset Program
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Are you feeling burnt out? 

Are you constantly frustrated with the lack of effort your associates are putting into their jobs?


Did you make adjustments to your leadership style during the pandemic but now the demands have changed and you need increased accountability and urgency from your team but you aren't sure how to properly motivate them?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, The Great Leadership Reset Program was designed to help you overcome all of these issues and so much more. 

WeInspireWe has designed this program to meet you where you are and bring you to a place where you can move forward to establish a productive post-pandemic leadership style.

I’m Ann Ritterspach, The Growth Coach at WeInspireWe.


Getting to the next level is not easy. The days of “just doing a good job” and hoping for a promotion are over.  Corporate politics can be rampant and hard to navigate, seemingly small leadership gaps can impact your leadership brand and doing it alone can take a long time..


My experience with an Executive Coach was life changing – both professionally and personally. Connecting with a coach in a safe place to share my insecurities, developing plans that made sense for me/my environment and holding me accountable to honor those plans was a game changer. I vividly remember wishing I could have had a Coach much earlier in my career. I would have avoided so many pitfalls, honed my confidence and executive presence and focused on strategies to successfully accelerate my career trajectory.

I created The Great Leadership Reset Program to help you be the best leader that you can be for yourself and your team members. I want you to be able to avoid leadership mistakes and accomplish your career goals faster. I have no doubt that will be possible after participating in this 5-week program.

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I see you. You are READY to take the next step and I am right here holding your hand, guiding you. 



You had a balanced and agile leadership approach that inspired your associates. 

You we able to motivate your team to produce results without having to worry about them "quiet quitting" or just quitting!

You could stop tip-toeing around your team members and felt confident speaking to them in a direct manner.

Leadership Presentation


"WeInspireWe is absolutely fantastic! From the very beginning they have been warm and nonjudgmental while still maintaining a professional personality. They know when and how to ask the right question, give advice, and even help push me past my comfort zone to create that ever illusive 'ah ha' moment. The highlight of my week is usually working with WeInspireWe because they have this uncanny ability to ask just the right question at the right time."

— Jourdan S.

WeInspireWe helped me through a major career change by guiding me through a process of self-assessment, identifying and learning to use my innate strengths. 


~ Valarie C.

WeInspireWe has a tremendous ability to help create insight, and instill a sense of confidence and excitement about mapping a new course to achieve results. 


~ Carol A.

Working with WeInspireWe has improved my whole life, not just my professional circumstances. My coach regularly pushes me to think differently about how I perceive the world and its lead to significant personal changes. I love talking with my coach and look forward to all of our meetings. Each time we talk, I leave feeling like I can be a better person, employee, and manager than I was before. I would recommend WeInspireWe's services to absolutely anyone.


~ Matt S

Our coaching conversations planted the seeds that were necessary to change my mindset and let go of [the pain from] my layoff. Thank you for everything you helped me through - it helped me get to a place where I feel a lot more at ease.

~ Julia B.


Week 1: Understand your "why" in wanting a Leadership Reset 

This is the first step in the process. We will discuss leadership trends over the past few years and you will participate in an exercise allowing you to delve deeper into "why" change in your leadership style is necessary. 

Week 2: REFLECT on what has worked well (or not) to collect insights for the future 

Learn to understand what has worked well and not so well with your leadership. Once you know this information you can better understand, communicate, and lead your team to drive real results.

Week 3: REFOCUS on what is most important to you for your future leadership success

Create an organized strategy around what you want your leadership legacy to be. Stand out at your organization because you have developed a clear vision and goals.

Week 4: Create goals and an action plan to RESTART your leadership agility 

Learn how to construct a step-by-step roadmap for your new leadership style. This plan will allow you to make the most impact on your team and within your company. Most importantly you will identify potential blockers and how to overcome them so that you can be successful.

Week 5: Learn how to make it stick with adaptability, focus and accountability

This is where you will really grow. You will put your step-by-step roadmap into action with the safety net of accountability partners, the support of your cohort, and a trained leadership coach. You will participate in a Make It Stick exercise that will give you the confidence to put what this course has taught you into action. 

Why Sign Up for The Great Leadership Reset Program: Hear from Ann Ritterspach

If all of this sounds amazing to you,
then what are you waiting for?! 

LIMITED Spots Available!

Book now so you don't miss out!
The Great Leadership Reset Program is perfect for you
if you are:

A manager, director, executive, business owner, or team lead in a job where you aren’t feeling satisfied 

Starting a new job in a new company and want to feel more confident about your leadership skills

Experienced the highs and lows of leading teams through the last two years of the pandemic

A professional who has received unsettling feedback and know you need to course correct quickly

Recognize that you can't go back to your pre-pandemic leadership style but want clarity in your leadership vision moving forward

Colleagues in Hallway
5 Group Coaching Sessions ($2,000)
5+ Coaching Exercises & Goal Setting Worksheets ($500)
Email Support Monday - Friday (Value $300)

Total Value = $2,800

You get all this for way less!

Sign up by October 10, 2022, to get our special pricing:

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