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Free Workbook:
How Agile is Your Leadership?


Optimize your leadership growth potential with this free workbook on leadership agility.

Create a vision for what kind of leader you want to be.

Leadership Agility is your ability to pivot seamlessly in the moment, based on the needs of any given situation or person involved. It is the ability to pull from a master list of leadership attributes, with confidence, to successfully navigate those difficult or complex situations in the best way possible.

This Leadership Agility workbook is a great tool to help you understand your leadership attributes today – and to support you in creating more balance and success in your leadership style.

Download your free workbook here!

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leadership agility

What's Inside?

Leadership Agility Wheel Exercise to help you assess your current leadership skill set.

Journal prompts to help you understand where you might have some gaps in your leadership abilities. 


Learn how to identify the obstacles holding you back from being the type of leader you want to be. 


​Special link to a free strategy session with any WeInspireWe Coach for a 30-minute Strategy Call.

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Hi Friend!

My name is Ann Ritterspach, and I am The Growth Coach at WeInspireWe. 

Hiring, developing, and promoting talented driven leaders was the absolute joy of my career in “Corporate America”. While leading teams and businesses was rewarding – helping others become more successful was what fueled my ambition and my happiness.

Throughout my career, and the careers of my team members, I saw the need for reflection and assessments to not only know where I was excelling but also where I had the opportunity for growth. Without that focus, I know that I wouldn’t have achieved the career heights that I did – and have heard similar feedback from my team members too. 

I invite you to give yourself that same gift of focus too – and welcome you to complete an assessment of your Leadership Agility to optimize your growth and celebrate your successes too. 

My focus as an Executive Coach is to be that catalyst for emerging and established leaders. This tool is a powerful place to start, and I can’t wait to hear what you learn about yourself, how you continue your pursuit of career and leadership success, and most importantly how you are able to be energized and recharged for yourself. 

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