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Free Workbook:
Make Strategic Career Moves

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Start making strategic career moves today!

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At WeInspireWe, we believe that everyone is a leader and has the ability to move forward to the place and space that they desire. With the right focus, support, and drive, you can not only be the leader you want to be – but your career can and should advance right alongside that.

To keep both moving in that positive direction, you first need a vision – and secondly need to tie your everyday choices to that vision.


This guide is designed to help you to keep it simple – and help you to navigate your career with ease. Use this guide to help you to create your vision, focus your energy, align your choices and your energy – and get to where you want to go.

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What's Inside?

Tools to help you focus your energy

Career Vision Map  Exercise - Develop a strategy to gain the skills, experience, and connections, etc. necessary to advance your career

BONUS career advice around growing your networking, building your brand, and career/life integration


​Special link to a free strategy session with any WeInspireWe Coach for a 30-minute Strategy Call


Hi Friend!

I’m Tami Chapek, Founder and Head Coach of WeInspireWe.


WeInspireWe is a woman-owned international Executive Leadership and Career Coaching Firm that offers a unique approach to growth supporting leaders, regardless of title or tenure, in their effort to be great. By harnessing inner strengths and tapping into their true potential, leaders are empowered to transcend their current selves and exponentially impact the world around them.


Through 1:1 executive leadership and career coaching; group leadership coaching and training sessions; and keynote presentations, we create powerhouse leaders who step into their fullest selves. We believe that by inspiring one, we exponentially inspire many. We have a passion for supporting underrepresented groups such as women, LGBTQ+, and BIPOC to become greater leaders in the workforce and in their own personal lives. We know that optimized leadership works to enable diverse thought and representation, collaboration, innovation, and ultimately results in greater success for companies and individuals involved.


I can’t wait to share these journal prompts with you because I know, from experience, that they will make it easier to visualize what you want for your career!

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