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Precision Coaching

Precision Coaching is for you if you need quick coaching support to work through a specific and timely issue. It is perfect if you need a little extra help to uncover what's holding you back, kickstart a new job, dive deep into a challenge, and of course create achievable goals and build a sustainable action plan to ensure you see the progress you want and need in your life.


We have designed three Precision Coaching options just for you based on three different needs. Each is designed to get you focused and set your plans in motion.

Laser-Focused Coaching


For individuals who have a specific challenge or issue they need extra support working through 

Package Includes:

  • Pre-coaching assessment 

  • 1 50-minute coaching session to assess the challenge and create laser-focus toward a solution 

  • 2 20-minute break-through laser coaching sessions to evaluate and adjust with accountability 

  • Also includes support via email and text as needed to ensure results


Get Unstuck Coaching

For individuals who are struggling to move forward and need some support for a brief period to get unstuck

Package Includes:

  • Up to 4 50-minute coaching sessions  (to be used within 1 month of purchase)

  • Also includes support via email and text as needed 

Program Overview:

  • Pre-coaching assessment

  • Session 1: deep dive into the situation 

  • Session 2: what do you really want 

  • Session 3: create the plan 

  • Session 4: modify, and move forward with confidence

Leadership and Career Kickstart Coaching


For individuals who have recently been promoted (or want to be) and are ready to step it up into a higher gear

Package Includes:

  • Energy Leadership Index Assessment to identify gifts/strengths and stress reactions which hold us back from our greatest potential 

  • 90-minute debrief of assessment 

  • Custom report/debrief to understand the report and dive deep into strengths and opportunities 

  • 3 50-minute coaching sessions 

  • Also includes support via email and text as needed 

Program Overview:

  • Assessment, Assessment Debrief, and Assessment Custom Report 

  • Session 1: identify barriers and opportunities for focus

  • Session 2: create leadership and career vision

  • Session 3: create new goals and action plan for success




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