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Life Reset Program: 5
Steps to Lasting Change

Go from Awareness to Action in 2023!
The Life Reset Program
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Are you a bit perplexed about why it looks like you’ve been successful to others but don’t feel that success at your core?


Are you feeling burned out from doing the same things, over and over?

Are you tired of not accomplishing your yearly goals or truly making

the change you want because everything except you takes priority?

If you answered "Yes!" to any of the above questions, The Life Reset Program was designed to help you overcome all of these issues and so much more. 

WeInspireWe has designed this program to meet you where you are and bring you to a place where you can move forward to create lasting change in every area of your life.

Hi! I'm Julie Breckenfelder and I'll be your coach for The Life Reset Program: 5 Steps to Lasting Change. I am also the Alignment Coach at WeInspireWe. 


WeInspireWe is a woman-owned international Executive Leadership and Career Coaching Firm that offers a unique approach to growth supporting leaders, regardless of title or tenure, in their plight to #riseup. By harnessing inner strengths and tapping into their true potential, leaders are empowered to transcend their current selves and exponentially impact the world around them.

I'm so excited to share our brand-new program with you! You are one step closer to creating a life you love and moving from feeling lost to having a plan!

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I see you. You are READY to take the next step
and I am right here holding your hand, guiding you. 



Your life felt entirely balanced and healthy, and your energy levels supported you in living your best life 

You no longer worked from a place of burnout or fatigue

You achieved your goals because you're finally allowing your own priorities to take precedence over your obligations to others​

You had clarity on why you might look successful but not feel successful

A presentation at the office


“Julie is a source of sanity, clarity, and wisdom, and she constantly guides and challenges you to think about what is most important in life and provides you with the tools and techniques to help you understand your unique truth.”

~ Senior Director, Global Healthcare Innovation Company 

“Julie’s patience, compassion, humor and unique way of making you feel like she REALLY hears you got me through what would have been one of the toughest years of my life."

~ VP & Director of Strategy, Global Marketing & Tech Agency

“Working with Julie was a great experience for me! She is the perfect mix of analytical and intuitive and knew which aspect I needed in each moment.”

~ VP of Creative, Established E-Commerce Startup

“Julie helped me sharpen my existing toolset to empower my next steps forward and had I not worked with her, I’m not sure I’d be where I am today.”

~ Sr. Director of Product Marketing & Programs, Educational Solutions Provider

“Julie takes the time to not only listen, but she will challenge you to really push yourself out of your comfort zone and recognize the meaning behind your fears.”

~ Senior VP, Creative Commerce Agency

“Prior to coaching with Julie, I was feeling disconnected from life – low in energy and vitality. I engaged her as a coach and had a great adventure in self-reflection and self-compassion. I was able to clarify my natural desires and tendencies and allow myself the freedom to own my choices. I went from feeling like I was “in the stands” to being “the man in the arena” (to use Theodore Roosevelt’s famous words). My sense of vitality and aliveness went up dramatically.”


~ Coach & Consultant, Professional Services


Week 1: Understand your "why" in wanting a Life Reset 

This is the first step in the process. We will break the ice as a group and you will participate in an exercise allowing you to delve deeper into "why" change in a certain area(s) of life is necessary.

Week 2: REFLECT on what has worked well (or not) to collect insights for the future 

Learn to understand what has worked well (and not so well)

as clues for moving forward. Once you embrace this wisdom,

you can better understand, communicate, and make confident choices in the present for the future.

Week 3: REFOCUS on what is most important to you for your future

success & satisfaction

Create an organized strategy around what you want to achieve

and how you want to be supported. Feel confident and committed because you have developed a clear vision and goals.

Week 4: Create goals and an action plan

to RESTART with confidence

Learn how to construct a step-by-step roadmap for the journey ahead. This plan will give you clarity on the best-next-step

and allow for flexibility when you want to pivot. Most importantly,

you will identify potential blockers and how to overcome them

so you will be successful.

Week 5: Learn how to make it stick with adaptability, focus, and accountability

This is where you will really grow. You will put your step-by-step roadmap into action with the safety net of accountability partners, the support of your cohort, and a trained life + leadership coach. You will participate in a Make It Stick exercise that will give you the confidence to put what this course has taught you into action.

Why Sign Up for The Life Reset Program:

Hear from Julie Breckenfelder

If all of this sounds amazing to you,
then what are you waiting for?! 

Registration ends soon

Book now so you don't miss out!
The Life Reset Program is perfect for you
if you are:

An emerging professional or leader who hasn't quite

achieved the success you desire

An established manager, director, executive, business owner, or team lead in an unfulfilling role

Beginning a new job in a startup and want to feel more confident about your life and career direction

Baffled & exhausted because you've gone above and beyond while attempting to challenge the status quo for so long

Sensing a strange tension in your work/life balance but can’t put words to it


5 Group Coaching Sessions ($2,000)
5+ Coaching Exercises & Goal Setting Worksheets ($500)
Email Support Monday - Friday (Value $300)

Total Value = $2,800

You get all this for way less!

Sign up by February 13, 2023 to get our special pricing:

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