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The Leadership Reset Masterclass (FREE)
September 13 at 9am EST & September 14 at 12pm EST
Live on Zoom
Replay Included

During our 60-minute workshop on September 13 at 9am EST and again on September 14 at 12pm EST we will: 


🌟 Ensure your leadership approach is agile enough to balance empathy and drive for results.

🌟 Develop a personalized approach to expectation setting with associates without losing them to new companies.


🌟 Walk away with a clear understanding of your leadership RESET!


We are halfway through 2022. Is it your time to make a shift in your leadership style, your career, and in turn your life? 


Maybe you want to learn how to create a balanced leadership approach that will inspire your associates? Maybe you need to stop tip-toeing around your team members and feel confident speaking to them in a direct manner?

Whatever you want to work through (and even if you aren’t sure what you want to work through yet), we will help you create a path forward during The Leadership Reset Masterclass. 

Use the form to reserve your FREE seat!

Hear from Ann - The Growth Coach at WeInspireWe
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Meet Your Coach

Hi! I'm Ann Ritterspach and I'll be your coach for The Leadership Reset Masterclass. I am also the Growth Coach at WeInspireWe. 


WeInspireWe is a woman-owned international Executive Leadership and Career Coaching Firm that offers a unique approach to growth supporting leaders, regardless of title or tenure, in their plight to #riseup. By harnessing inner strengths and tapping into their true potential, leaders are empowered to transcend their current selves and exponentially impact the world around them.

I'm so excited to share our brand new masterclass with you! You are one step closer to everything you need to be the best leader that you can be for yourself and your team members. 

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