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The Leadership Assessment


The Leadership Assessment a unique glimpse into your leadership today - giving you the chance to see your current attitudes, perceptions and beliefs and overall leadership capabilities. The Leadership Assessment provides a baseline to leaders looking to optimize their presence – and gives a powerful snapshot of your current performance and presence – both in normal times and under stress.


The Leadership Assessment is an attitudinal assessment based on that specific moment in time, that measures a leaders’ level of influence and energy. The beauty of this assessment, versus other personality assessments, is that attitudes can be changed and shifted as your level of awareness increases. By working with a coach using The Leadership Assessment, a leader can make shifts for sustainable change and leadership effectiveness.


WeInspireWe believes that there are no limitations to your leadership potential and what you can achieve once you realize how you are showing up today and how that can be optimized.


As part of the Leadership Assessment and debrief process, you’ll learn about the 7 levels of leadership and how much energy you currently have in the catabolic-suppressing range and in the anabolic-inspirational range. You’ll be debriefed on the findings of the assessment and coached on how to navigate yourself to higher performance.


The Leadership Assessment also has a 360 peer review component for leaders who are interested in learning not only about their energy levels, but also about how their team, managers, friends and family see them too. 

Schedule your free strategy session to learn more about this insightful Leadership Assessment today!

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