Finding Your Voice

One of the biggest challenges that women can face in developing their leadership style is finding their voice and truly owning it. From fear of being perceived as too loud, too bitchy, too timid, too weak, too [insert adjective here] – women can have a hard time defining who they are in the workplace.


Have you ever heard or experienced any of these yourself?

  • “Women compare themselves and compete heavily with other women.”

  • “Women are compared to men and when taking on assertive roles are often called bitches, too aggressive or power-hungry. Or when displaying a softer, emotional side, they are considered weak.”

  • “Women have to work twice as hard as men to be considered anywhere close to equal.” 

  • “Women have to do the job before getting it whereas men simply take it without the skills in place.“

  • “Women executives are seen as only getting the job because of diversity measures. And then have to work every day to prove that they deserve it.” 


My guess is that you’ve seen or heard something similar. So how can you really find and own your voice and leadership style without having to deal with those negative associations? How can you move beyond and avoid the comparisons?


While it’s not a simple road, one of the most important aspects to being a good leader is to know YOU. To thy own self be true, am I right? So here’s a good way to start:

  • Step one: write down every aspect of your leadership style – no matter how sizeable you feel that it really is.

  • Step two: ask a few co-workers for additional descriptors. Go outside of your friend circle here too.

  • Step three: sit with the list. I mean, really sit with the list and circle your top 5 preferred qualities.

  • Step four: write these words on a post-it, tattoo them on your forehead, put them in the front of your notebook or on your device wallpaper. Basically put them somewhere that you will see them regularly and remind yourself of who you are and who you want to be.

  • Step five: OWN IT!


But if you want to dig in deeper, let us know. We are here to help.

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